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Gasoline accounts for more than half of the average Washingtonian's personal energy use.
The average price per gallon for unleaded gasoline in our state jumped from $2.96 last September to a record $4.35 on July 6, 2008 - a 32 percent increase.

And that's not the only cost. In our state, transportation accounts for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, a proven contributor to global warming. Transportation-including light duty vehicles, heavy trucks, freight trains, ships, and airplanes-is the single largest contributor to Washington's total greenhouse gas emissions, and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Several federal and state agencies and other organizations offer tips and resources to help reduce your gasoline use and transportation costs.

Six strategies:





Work from home

Buy a fuel efficient vehicle

Easy ways to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from motor vehicles:
Five suggestions from the state Department of Ecology

One more suggestion from Ecology:
Don't idle your vehicle engine if you are stopped for more than 10 seconds (unless you are in traffic). Turn off your engine when you are picking up your children at school or waiting in a drive-through line. This cuts fuel use and air pollution.

Transportation choices you can make to reduce global warming pollution
Ideas from Climate Solutions, an Olympia-based organization dedicated to finding regional solutions to global warming.
Putting the brakes on air pollution
Tips from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

The Washington State Department of Transportation highlights travel and commute options.

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